I’ve written 20,284 words for one of my books. I read that the average non-fiction book is 80,000 pages, which means I’m a little over 25% of the way there! I’ve been writing since April 24th, which means I’ve written all those words in around two weeks, averaging 1267.75 words a day over 16 days. That doesn’t take into account the words in my memoir, and this blog. Over all three projects I’m pretty sure I’m averaging 2,000 words a day. It’s crazy, I feel really excited and kind of addictive.

I want to say it’s all good, but I have to admit that maybe I could be putting more effort into my finals. Today I showed up to the lab at 4 to work on finals and by 7:30 I hadn’t even opened my file. That’s the bad news, the good news is I wrote close to 4,500 and one of the best things I think I’ve ever written.

In my defense I’m at the head of the curve in terms of my final, and I’d say I’m still in the top third of the class. I really have to say, since starting this blog my life feels way better. I’m more productive, losing weight, reaching my goals and it’s finally beging to feel like things are turning around.

Not bad considering I was in fact considering suicide just before I started this blog.

If you’re reading this my advice is stop putting things off. I’ve always wanted to write a book but I feel like I kept waiting for permission. I always thought that if I got just a little more experience I’d be in a position where I deserved the right to write a book. Finally I decided that that day would probably never come, very few of us have those kinds of chances given to us. Sure, Snooki is pushed to write a book even though most people don’t think she can read, but for the rest of us if we want to write we should just write. if you want to learn an instrument pick one up and sign up for classes. Hell, just pick it up!

They say the first step is the hardest, but I’d say it’s the first few. I’ve started a lot of things but finished very few of them, the trick is to work of the momentum to where you can’t stop, where you’re constantly thinking about that next step and you can’t wait to take it.
Once again, the regrets always creep up. Even when I’m succeeding I say to myself “If only you’d been like this your whole life, think of the time you wasted!” But for all I know I never would have been able to achieve my full potential if it wasn’t for the time I think I wasted. I can’t prove that, but it’s possible on one hand and what I have to believe on the other.

If I seem like I repeat things a lot it’s because this blog is for me. I hope it helps you too, but I’d understand if it doesn’t cover an exciting range of topics. The thing for me is we don’t need to know all that much to succeed, for the most part. People are always looking for new strategies but I would wager most of the time that they already have the tools they need but they’re just not using them.

I’d guess you know what you need to do, you just need to let go of your excuses and start doing them.


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